Vulnerable to these things

I’ve almost finished all of the questions from the 38 Interesting Questions To Ask Your Mom Right Now. So excited to finish this series!

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Anyway… here are more of my answers:

33. Were you ever sexually harassed or sexually assaulted?

I don’t consider anything that I’ve been through to be sexual harassment or assault. Yes every once in a while someone will joke that I drive like a girl or something silly like that, but I’ve made it a point to not put myself in spots where I might be vulnerable to these things.

Growing up I never found myself in situations where I’d be vulnerable to situations that might lead to these things. I was the designated driver and only on one occasion did I put myself in a place where I was with complete strangers and my surroundings were out of control. My husband and kids would call that being a party pooper, but I see it being a smart person who doesn’t want to get mixed up in drama that I don’t need to be involved in.

34. Do you have any health issues you’ve never told me about?

I know that cancer runs on both sides of my family and that my mother has recently had shoulder replacement surgery. Mom has arthritis and dad has diabetes. These are all things that I’m conscious of. Some of these things are things that I can prevent and some aren’t. Its good to know your history. I feel bad for people who are adopted and might not know their family medical history.

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