The kindness of strangers got them through feeling totally out of place.

I’m really debating now if I should send these questions to my mother. I find my answers so revealing and instantly wonder what my mother would have to say with these questions.

If you haven’t been following along I’m going through this list of questions I found in a post called 38 Interesting Questions To Ask Your Mom Right Now.  They’ve been really fun to answer in my daily thoughts posts and hopefully you’re finding them fun to read. Letting my readers get to know me more is the intent of these posts while I work on a bigger series of educational posts coming soon!

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My other posts that are answers to this list of questions are:

17. Is there a moment or event that radically changed the way you saw the world?

Yes. Definitely. When I was in 8th grade I was standing in line waiting for the bus and the girl in back of me leaned around me and tapped the girl on the shoulder who was in front of me. She told the girl that I had called her the B-word. Literally I didn’t even have my mouth open, but that moment definitely opened my eyes.

Up until then I lived with other military kids and while I can’t say that all military kids are nice, I don’t think military kids are as evil as civilian kids are. Military brats seem to have an ounce of compassion for other people that I think comes from the fact that at some point in their lives they were the new kid and the kindness of strangers got them through feeling totally out of place.

Anyway, that moment changed my mind about what I thought about the people around me. It was a simple moment, but made me not trust most of the kids I went to school with the rest of my junior high and high school career. To this day my list of friends from school is very small. Many of them weren’t outright mean to me from what I remember, but a lot of them weren’t openly welcoming either.

Times do change and really I don’t remember who the two girls were. Probably a good thing that I forgot their names and faces because I do hold a grudge and I’m sure it wouldn’t be over if I did know their identities.

The moment did teach me too that one little thing that I say could effect someone for the rest of their lives so I better be careful with what I say if it’s going to be something not so nice.

18. Have you ever done something really impulsive? How did it go?

There have been a few times that I did something impulsive. The best one, the one that changed my life dramatically was when I told a stranger that I liked his earrings and that he should buy me some for Christmas.

I know. It sounds strange, but I was at a Justin Timberlake concert and I saw a guy handing out autographed pictures of Justin Timberlake to some fans. So I called him over and told him that I loved his earrings and he should buy me some for Christmas. It turns out he was one of his back up singers and we became friends and when they came back to the area I lived in for another concert I met up with them and hung out at the show.

After that I met an ex-boyfriend of mine and spent the next two years or so off an on in a relationship with him. It lead to me going to some great shows, a trip to Wisconsin in the middle of the night and onto Minneapolis as well as seeing my then boyfriend on Saturday Night Live. Some trips to Florida and LA and even a strange encounter at Outback listening to Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox talking to their kid about not hitting people on the playground. So yeah, because I took that impulsive move to tell someone something outrageous, I found myself spending the next few years of my life living an adventure I only used to hear people about.

Recently my ex-boyfriend passed away. We’d lost touch over the years and had moved on with our lives, but I’ll always hold a special place for the people that I met during my adventures. I’ve never met a more normal group of people put in the most unordinary situation.

Even now I’m still friends with the guy that I talked to about his earrings. He’s turned his career to vocal coaching and has worked with almost every big act you can think of. He’s living the tour life still and has all these great adventures.

If you want to hear more about my Justin Timberlake adventures comment in the comment section with any questions you have!


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