Any time I get to have one of these sandwiches, it’s a treat!

Did you know that April 2nd is National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day? There is nothing better than the combination of smooth peanut butter and sweet jelly. Crunchy or smooth, strawberry or grape, any time I get to have one of these sandwiches, it’s a treat! To celebrate today I’ve made a short list ofContinue reading “Any time I get to have one of these sandwiches, it’s a treat!”

Coming soon to a field near you…

Today’s prompt I have to spark my creativity is to share about something person and fun you have coming up. Seems like a pretty easy assignment, but today I’m having trouble getting my words together. While I’m sure that all parents are wishing for normalcy, considering the last year, for me it’s the future sportContinue reading “Coming soon to a field near you…”

Customize your iPhone layout…

Some of us mommies are getting creative with Procreate but have you thought of customizing your iPhone layout yourself? Check out this video from AKAIHANA ART on how to get it done! From the video maker… Published on Jan 12, 2021 In this video, I’m going to show you the tool that is going toContinue reading “Customize your iPhone layout…”

365 journal prompts for you and your kids

Journaling has become something I love to do everyday. As you can tell from my daily thoughts prompts on this blog I’m compelled to write. For some people it might not be easy or you may run out of ideas. The solution is here! The two free Facebook groups below are filled with journal promptsContinue reading “365 journal prompts for you and your kids”

Have you tried make at home Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo?

This recipe has gone around the internet lately but I wanted to let you know that you can make this in the oven as well as the crockpot. 3 chicken breasts 2 cups Olive Garden Creamy Italian Dressing Cream cheese Shredded Parmesan cheese Noodles or your choice Step 1: Preheat the oven to 425. StepContinue reading “Have you tried make at home Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo?”

Warm Up to Valentine’s Day

There’s a few more days until Valentine’s Day and part of me is dreading it, not because I don’t want to tell my hubby just how much I love him, but my love language is NOT gifting and I’m always feeling the pressure to “do it up” on Valentine’s and I almost always fall short!Continue reading “Warm Up to Valentine’s Day”

January wraps up

It’s been quite a busy month around here. I hope you’re enjoying reading as much as I’m loving writing. Top Blog Post Finding the one word that can make you more successful in the New Year Not surprising that a post on New Years Resolutions would be the top post of the month. Top DailyContinue reading “January wraps up”