Life in Kindergarten — Letter Recognition

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of kindergarten learning?  If you’re like me and most other moms it’s that kids are learning the ABCs.  The alphabet is an enormous part of the kindergarten curriculum. Area 2: Letter Recognition Despite the order of this series following in the inspirational article ExcellenceContinue reading “Life in Kindergarten — Letter Recognition”

Exploring Your Heritage — Sharing the end of the year holidays with with kids

Depending on where your ancestors come from your family celebrates different end of the year celebrations. Religions usually have a big influence on which one is celebrated in your home, and there are more mainstream popular traditions that have become normal for even the non-religious to celebrate. While every family has their own traditions, learningContinue reading “Exploring Your Heritage — Sharing the end of the year holidays with with kids”

The Election Through the Eyes of an Elementary School Kid

The upcoming presidential election is a big deal here in the United States. All of the kids are studying it in different ways. I don’t remember when I learned about elections, but I do remember seeing either the President or VP making the graduation speech at West Point when my dad taught there. It wasContinue reading “The Election Through the Eyes of an Elementary School Kid”

Life in Kindergarten — Writing Skills

In my post, Excellence in kindergarten comes from 10 key things, I briefly covered 10 the areas it covers are still basic areas of study and behavior that should be paid attention to when coaching your kindergartner through their first year of school.  Now that I’ve had a chance to get this information out toContinue reading “Life in Kindergarten — Writing Skills”

Turning on Narrator Mode On Your Computer

Getting help with struggling readers seems to be a common conversation topic on my local and national Dyslexia mom groups on facebook. I definitely want to share any resources I find. Having things read to them is one way to help a student learn. It may not solve a problem, but most children get someContinue reading “Turning on Narrator Mode On Your Computer”

Teaching Reading to Main Stream & Dyslexic readers needs to change

I, like many parents, trust the public school system to teach my kids all they need to know to make it to high school graduation, but the truth is that many parents don’t realize just how many students have difficulty learning the basic skills like reading! Why Aren’t Kids Being Taught To Read? is aContinue reading “Teaching Reading to Main Stream & Dyslexic readers needs to change”

Decoding Dyslexia

Once you do have a diagnosis it seems increasingly difficult to find real help for your child in the public school system. I don’t want to hate on public school because I know things can be made to be very difficult when they shouldn’t be, but if you need help navigating getting help for yourContinue reading “Decoding Dyslexia”