Reblog: Law of Attraction Explained – part 1

“In the New Thought philosophy, the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.”

It’s the same kind of thing that Oprah used to talk about with gratitude. I interpreted her gratitude journal idea that by looking for things to be grateful for you realize just how great your life actually is. The reverse would be that if you go searching for negative things you’ll see only the negative.

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Unless you’ve been under a rock over the last few years, you’ve more than likely heard of the ‘law of attraction’. The term was first coined in the …

Law of Attraction Explained – part 1

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I’m Patty Gordon, a 40+ year old school lunch lady married to a crane mechanic. Our days are anything but normal as he works “construction worker hours” and I take care of our two elementary school aged kids, Chihuahua Mr Biggs, Pitbull Cali, and French Bulldog MooMoo. I blogged a few years ago under different names but have landed with the name this time around. The term 365MomMe comes from the idea that I’m a mom and I’m me 365 days a year. Kids call me Mommy but I see myself as MomMe.

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