The struggle is real…

As much as you can plan your days to perfection there is always a monkey wrench he that will get thrown into the mix. A few weeks ago my daughter had a softball lesson. I had it written on 3 different calendars and all 3 sources had different times on them.

Even with my ability to use google calendar like a pro and to do list that supposedly saves my sanity—-> I still failed!

I pride myself on being a punctual person and to miss a lesson was extremely embarrassing. It got rescheduled but still bad form on my part.

It’s funny though because my “job description” as a mom doesn’t come upto often but it’s clear now to my husband just how much I keep track of in any given day. My husband always complains of being physically exhausted but I’m so mentally exhausted self care couldn’t fix this in the next 10 years!

I’m the master brain for me, my two kids, and part time for my husband. None of the things I keep track of are extremely critical like life saving medicines, but the pressure to be a know it all is there.

I guess’s the struggle will always be there.even with help sometimes I can’t quite ever be that perfect mom I want to be.

What’s something you’ve been struggling with lately? Vent to me. I’m sure it will help!







3 responses to “The struggle is real…”

  1. Shelly DS Avatar

    I’ve been struggling with work… my workload increased a lot this year and I just can’t seem to find the motivation to put in the extra hours. I’ve had some mornings where I’ve woken up at 4am consecutively just so I can catch up, but I’m tired. I can’t keep on like this.. and yet I need the job 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. Patty Gordon Avatar

      Work life takes up so much of our time. It definitely makes the argument true: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Mark Twain

      It still boggles my mind when I see people in other countries besides the US who have so much vacation time! We get about two weeks a year standard and other countries get over a month1

      1. Shelly DS Avatar

        You only get two weeks?! Yikes that’s not fun… we get 25 working days here in South Africa which equates to a year

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