Throwback Thursday!

Want to see my very first Instagram picture? Check this masterpiece out! ❤️

It’s from March 22, 2016!

What’s your first IG post? Post the link in the comments and I’ll comment on it!!!






4 responses to “Throwback Thursday!”

  1. Tina McFarlane Avatar

    My first few posts were of three prints of artists that I interviewed for an old blog. Two of the three became friends of ours, who we still see at conventions.

  2. moragnoffke Avatar
    hello this is my first Instagram picture. Never dreamed I would be putting it on WordPress or that I could figure out how to do it 😂😂😂

  3. moragnoffke Avatar

    When I first saw your picture I thought it was one of those photos for environmental plastic awareness 😂😂

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