Dyslexia is not all about reading and writing…

Struggling with a learning disability of any kind is hard to deal with, but for dyslexics low confidence and self esteem seem have a bigger impact on people than than the actual roadblocks of struggling with reading people face. Watching my son and other family members battle this aspect of their disability is heart breaking.

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Seeing off-paper and pen brilliant people think that they are stupid because they don’t learn at the same rate as the people around them kills me.

I recently read an article 14 Useful Tips to Cope With Dyslexia (simplyhealth.today) which focused on coping skills to help people with dyslexia and could be used for family and friends of dyslexics.

Remember the movie line, “you had me at hello”? For this article they had me with their number one piece of advice…

Remember, you’re not alone.

Finding a community of people (aka support group) who going through the same thing as you is important. Finding help is important. There are so many means of support out there today that there is no reason to feel out of the ordinary. They say that 1 in 5 people is dyslexic so even though people might not be wearing it as a badge of honor, chances are there is at least 1 other person you know who has the same struggles as you.

Go out into the world with confidence and read the post I mentioned above for some inspiring information to keep you going on your tough days.



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