Dyslexia & Private School

Dyslexia has been a struggle for my son since he first started learning his ABCs. We’ve done early intervention for years, but this year, and especially after COVID we are seeing just how a different school environment has caused pressure to build on my son when it comes to his spelling and reading abilities.

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COVID schooling has turned out to be a joke. I say that with a kind heart towards the teachers who taught my kids last year and the previous last trimester of school, really I do. But in reality, my children are both so far behind right now I’m worried that they will even pass their grade year this year.

My son is struggling with keeping up with the more advanced vocabulary demands of his new private Christian school. We are using ABECKA which is a more advanced home school style curriculum that covers a lot in a small period of time. Part of me wonders if they had come off a regular year of school if this new approach would be effecting them so much or not. I feel like it’s a 50-50 chance of them being in the same spot even if they had been in class all last year.

One thing I have learned this year is that the English language is the most strange and backwards language on the planet. This week’s discovery is that ER, UR, and IR all sound the same! Who knew??? I mean I guess I did know, but as someone who doesn’t have to deal with the complexities of dyslexia myself, I just kind of memorized how each one worked and how it was placed in words and moved on. In third grade though the struggle to find those placements is REAL!!!

This week my son spent an extra hour just working on his spelling words with his dyslexia teacher out of his two hours of tutoring a week. She usually is very confident about the strides he’s making, but gave me a look last week to show that there may need to be some modifications made to his learning to make sure he still is succeeding with this more intense pace of work.

As I write this post, I’m waiting to see what his score from the last test is. I’m hoping that it will be a good one considering the efforts put in.

More to come later…


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