Morning School Day Prep

Online Learning has taken some getting used to, but now that we have a regular schedule of classes it’s become easier to have successful days around here.

Fridays for me start off around 3am when my husband gets up for work. I get up and make him breakfast, snack and lunch. This routine has been going on since before we had kids and I can get it all pulled together in about 20 minutes.

After my kitchen activities in the wee hours of the morning I escape upstairs and usually put on a tv show. This year though I’ve been trying to be better about doing something educational. I’m listening to 365 Podcasts this year as well as trying to complete a reading challenge as well.

Usually my audiobooks or podcasts lull me to sleep around 4am. If I fall asleep during an episode or chapter I just rewind after I get up again.

Six in the morning has become my workout time. I’m extremely picky about being interupted and the only time I can get through everything is before the kids get up.

Seven thirty is when I start to get the kids up. They don’t start classes for an hour but with an 8 year old and a 10 year old they take a long time to get up and going.

Breakfast usually is frozen pancakes or cereal depending on the day. It’s not prefect, but the kids are alive and well as far as everyone is concerned. If my daughter ends up making homemade pancakes, she’s responsible for cleaning up. It’s a punishment of sorts since most times she only is making enough for herself and I don’t want to clean up her mess!

Eight o’clock I move to the third floor in our house where my son does his school work. I log onto his account and write down a checklist of his homework assignments for the day. Usually there are about five things to do and its easier to check them off a checklist than to read them off the page from the teacher.

By eight twenty the kids are online in separate rooms. I can hear them from my bedroom and am only a call away if I go down to the kitchen thanks to our Alexa system.

School will last until eleven twenty today and then we are done other than getting homework assignments out of the way which usually happens after lunch.

What are your mornings like these days? I hope I’m not alone in how little sleep I seem to get!






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  1. Not-So-Modern-Girl Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this! I think it’s helpful for other parents to know what other parents do in the mornings x

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