setting reachable goals for a happy new year

Setting Reachable Goals for a Happy New Year


As the new year unfolds, it’s a pivotal moment for self-reflection and goal-setting. In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into the art of setting reachable goals for a happy and fulfilling New Year. Building on past experiences, I’ve learned that the key to a successful year lies in the precision and attainability of our objectives.

The Power of Attainable Goals:

Setting goals that are within our grasp is essential for sustainable progress. It’s tempting to reach for the stars, but realistic, attainable goals provide a solid foundation for growth. By starting small and building momentum, we lay the groundwork for achieving more significant milestones throughout the year.

Choosing Your Guiding Word:

One effective approach to shaping your year is by selecting a guiding word. After careful consideration, my word for this year is “Quality.” This word embodies my commitment to investing more time and thoughtfulness in every aspect of my life, from my blog to my family and personal endeavors.

Quality in Blogging:

In the world of blogging, quality trumps quantity. This year, I’m determined to produce content that not only resonates with my audience but also stands the test of time. By focusing on in-depth, well-researched articles, I aim to provide genuine value to my readers, fostering a deeper connection and trust.

Quality in Family Life:

Balancing family responsibilities is a cherished priority. This year, I’m dedicated to spending quality time with my loved ones, creating lasting memories and nurturing meaningful relationships. Whether it’s engaging in shared activities or simply being present, I’m committed to making every moment count.

Quality in Personal Growth:

Personal development is a journey that requires deliberate effort and introspection. This year, I’m setting aside time for self-improvement, whether through reading, mindfulness practices, or pursuing new hobbies. By prioritizing self-care and growth, I aim to become the best version of myself.

Educational Goals for the Little Ones:

Nurturing the growth of my children is a privilege and a responsibility I hold dear. For Boogie, who recently turned four, mastering the ABCs is a milestone we’re working towards. With another year of preschool ahead, we’re focusing on creating a strong foundation for his educational journey.

For Bootsie, an avid reader, the goal is to devour 104 books in 2017, averaging two books per week. This goal not only fosters a love for reading but also instills discipline and a sense of accomplishment.

Product Review Excellence:

In 2017, I’m elevating my product reviews to a new level of quality and depth. Through the #SuggestionSunday series, I’ll be providing comprehensive insights into products that align with my audience’s interests. I’ve got them all listed on my amazon page as well as here. These reviews will serve as valuable resources, offering genuine recommendations and informed insights.


With a steadfast focus on attainable goals and a commitment to quality, 2017 promises to be a year of substantial growth and fulfillment. I invite you to embark on this journey with me, embracing your own aspirations for the year ahead. What are your goals and guiding words for the new year?

Share them with 365momme, and let’s make next a year of remarkable achievements!


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