My BMI is 36.3

Reset all my settings on MyFitnessPal today. I really need to get to working out. Currently, my BMI is 36.3. That puts me in the obese category. It sounds so much more horrible than I feel like I look. Obese people don’t look like me. They look like the people on the show my 600Continue reading “My BMI is 36.3”

Learning A Language

I’ve got a lot of goals this year. My newest is to work on my Spanish. I don’t know if I’ll be able to be bilingual, but I want to learn more at least. I’m trying Duolingo to see if I can work on it! It’s a learning app that so far is fun toContinue reading “Learning A Language”

Book 5/52. Finished.

The “cute meet” of this story was a little far-fetched, but the ensuing adventure really caught my attention. I mean who doesn’t want to have a great vacation romance, right? I feel like (if I hadn’t already been to England and didn’t have English friends) I would have learned a little about the English culture.Continue reading “Book 5/52. Finished.”