Allergies After Childbirth: What No One Is Talking About

I’ll admit that there were many things I didn’t know before having kids. The idea that I would suddenly become allergic to everyday items after giving birth was nowhere near the list of things that I’d be surprised by after bringing home my kids from the hospital. NO PREVIOUS HISTORY OF SERIES ALLERGIES Other thanContinue reading “Allergies After Childbirth: What No One Is Talking About”

Moving towards things going back to normal

November and December are normally busy months of the year because of the holidays, but this year they might be even more chaotic. Its due in part to the fact that our state is coming off the more extreme status for COVID and moving towards things going back to normal as the end of theContinue reading “Moving towards things going back to normal”

It is a 24/7 job for the rest of your life…

FALSE: Being a stay at home mom is easy. TRUTH FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC:Take a moment to search Twitter for “stay a home mom is easy”. This will bring up a never ending list of tweets about the subject. Most of them include something about being physically and mentally exhausted, many of them talk aboutContinue reading “It is a 24/7 job for the rest of your life…”

(Hashtag) Self Care Awareness Month

Get unstuck Fitness is a very important area of my life and yet it is the one thing in my life where I’m completely stuck. Five years ago I got up on the daily, worked out and lived a fitness lifestyle, but lately I’ve found it extremely hard to follow through with anything. Yes COVIDContinue reading “(Hashtag) Self Care Awareness Month”

Technology usage for children

Since many schools are starting up this year doing distance learning that relies heavily on technology I thought I’d take a little bit of time to speak on the subject.  WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY? Considering that every modern gadget we use could be considered technology, let’s focus on just a few things that kids might beContinue reading “Technology usage for children”

Let’s Celebrate Minimalistic Running Shoes on Global Running Day

As the miles roll by in my renewed running journey I started to look at new shoes and thought, why do people choose minimalistic shoes vs other styles to run in? From the eyes of a novice runner, it seems like the type of running you’re going to be doing (track running, street running orContinue reading “Let’s Celebrate Minimalistic Running Shoes on Global Running Day”

Opening Day

Little League Baseball is not as closely related to softball as one might think. While both are played with bats and balls, the comparison stops there. While I know there will be more discoveries in the coming weeks, this 4 season veteran softball mom is already finding big differences in the sports lets start withContinue reading “Opening Day”

Is Brushing Your Kid’s Hair Making You Crazy?

It’s been the bane of my existence lately! I had to result to extreme measures. I had to break down and give in to TV advertising! I’m so glad that I did! When the routine of brushing my daughter’s hair in the morning got to be too much instead of screaming at my daughter forContinue reading “Is Brushing Your Kid’s Hair Making You Crazy?”