The struggle is real…

As much as you can plan your days to perfection there is always a monkey wrench he that will get thrown into the mix. A few weeks ago my daughter had a softball lesson. I had it written on 3 different calendars and all 3 sources had different times on them. Even with my abilityContinue reading “The struggle is real…”

MomMe Productivity Tips

The main two components to staying on top of things are managing: To do list Calendar(s) To Do List The main thing that a to do list can help you with is focus. To learn more about to do list read the following… Calendar(s) Digital calendars have revolutionized the productivity scene. Moms everywhere are takingContinue reading “MomMe Productivity Tips”

How to Absolutely Use Google Calendar Like a Pro

A few years ago I wrote a great post called How to Absolutely Spring Break Like a Pro and it got me to think about what kinds of things I know how to do like a pro.   As a mom I’m more of a renaissance man, but one thing I know I’m good at isContinue reading “How to Absolutely Use Google Calendar Like a Pro”