365 Podcasts A Year — Money Week

My 365 Podcasts A Year education goal is rolling along. I just recently realized I hadn’t been posting the ones I was listening to on my Calendar. Over the weekend, I caught up and I also started to organize the podcasts into themed weeks. I’ll still be covering a broad range of topics throughout theContinue reading “365 Podcasts A Year — Money Week”

My Education Goals for 2021

In keeping with my consistent theme of the year I’m listening to 365 podcasts this year. My go to podcast is Quote of The Day by Sean Crichton In late 2020 I started searching for new podcasts to check out. I came up with a list of highly recommended podcasts to listen to. Ted TalksContinue reading “My Education Goals for 2021”

Quote of the Day Podcast

Sean Cruxton’s Quote of the Day podcast delivers wise words from a long list of knowledgeable people. He plays clips of motivational speeches that really start your day off with a bang. I’ve listened to him off and on for a few years now but probably should be more consistent. This morning I got onContinue reading “Quote of the Day Podcast”

The Way We Treat Each Other in 2020

“The Way We Treat Each Other in 2020” is a podcast episode from early August 2020 from The Purpose Show. She comments on the state of life today with an uplifting message that will make your Monday..Shaming and bullying seem to have become a normal part of our society right now and it’s time toContinue reading “The Way We Treat Each Other in 2020”

Thoughts on Make Over your Morning Routines

Today while I was working on my morning writing I took a moment to listen to a podcast from 3 in 30 Podcast. It was titled “Make Over your Morning Routines” and talked about the little things that can get you started on having a good day. The surprising thing they suggested is starting theContinue reading “Thoughts on Make Over your Morning Routines”