Life Skills – How to Reconcile a Checkbook

Money matters are something us moms are in charge of but after talking to my kids I realized just how many money skills aren’t taught in school. So here is my share for today in case you’ve forgotten how to reconcile your checkbook: When was the last time you reconciled your checkbook?

Organize it!

Happy mid January post! Recently I went through my blog posts and daily thoughts and organized them into a few different categories. From here on out my plan is to focus my posts on these subjects: Education Entertainment Health Money Matters Personal Development Productivity If you click on the links it’ll bring up the blogContinue reading “Organize it!”

Morning School Day Prep

Online Learning has taken some getting used to, but now that we have a regular schedule of classes it’s become easier to have successful days around here. Fridays for me start off around 3am when my husband gets up for work. I get up and make him breakfast, snack and lunch. This routine has beenContinue reading “Morning School Day Prep”

When I grow up..

I had a conversation with my mom last week about college tuition and how I didn’t agree with it even if my college education isn’t really being used that much as a fledgling blogger and stay at home mom. My first plan for a career was to be a teacher and an athletic trainer andContinue reading “When I grow up..”

21 Common Sense Things Moms Should Know in 2021

I love my Facebook Mommy Groups, but there are an unending list of common sense things that are asked about in them. In the spirit of Pinterest, the repetitiveness inspired me to make this quick list to consolidate months of reading for you into one nice neat package. Here, to start off 2021 with aContinue reading “21 Common Sense Things Moms Should Know in 2021”

Start the new year off right with a Personality Test

Revisiting a blog post from last year that was really informative… Fiction writing is a passion of mine and earlier this year I was exploring both Personality Types and Enneagrams on the advice of a writer named Abbie Emmons. On her YouTube channel she has an extremely informative series of videos on fiction writing. TheContinue reading “Start the new year off right with a Personality Test”

It was a nice little ceremony

 38 Interesting Questions To Ask Your Mom Right Now is becoming a saga now. Part of me thinks I need to write my memoirs. I know I’d have some good stories to tell, but I feel like being in my 40s is too soon to put out my life’s story, right? Anyway… here are moreContinue reading “It was a nice little ceremony”

Heavy on the shoulders

I’ve reached the half way point of this series answering the questions listed on the original article called 38 Interesting Questions To Ask Your Mom Right Now. Part of me is excited to answer all these questions and part of me suddenly feels like I’m talking an awful lot about myself. What do you think? MyContinue reading “Heavy on the shoulders”