My MomMe AH-HAH moment!

Today I was researching a blog post for the end of the year and found the concept of life categories. Yes the term is familiar but the concept I learned was so simple I had a big ah-hah moment because I’d never thought about them the way that Dave Ramsey talks about them! What areContinue reading “My MomMe AH-HAH moment!”

Life Skills – How to Reconcile a Checkbook

Money matters are something us moms are in charge of but after talking to my kids I realized just how many money skills aren’t taught in school. So here is my share for today in case you’ve forgotten how to reconcile your checkbook: When was the last time you reconciled your checkbook?

21 Common Sense Things Moms Should Know in 2021

I love my Facebook Mommy Groups, but there are an unending list of common sense things that are asked about in them. In the spirit of Pinterest, the repetitiveness inspired me to make this quick list to consolidate months of reading for you into one nice neat package. Here, to start off 2021 with aContinue reading “21 Common Sense Things Moms Should Know in 2021”

A secret ingredient that will change your stir fry cooking game

Drum roll please… Due to a lucky discovery, I have figured out the secret to making a Chinese inspired fried rice dish taste professionally cooked! Stir fried rice is a very easily manipulated recipe. It’s something you can throw together using rice and anything else you want to put into it. It can be aContinue reading “A secret ingredient that will change your stir fry cooking game”

TMI I know, but believe me you’ll be glad you don’t have to clean up toddler poop from their rooms!

Have you ever seen a toddler straight jacket? I guess I shouldn’t call it that. It sounds cruel and I’m sure that horrible horror movie images come to mind but it’s basically what my solution is for keeping a kid in their diaper at night. When your diaper baby starts to break out of theirContinue reading “TMI I know, but believe me you’ll be glad you don’t have to clean up toddler poop from their rooms!”

How a to do list saved my sanity

In a mere three weeks of consistently using a to do list app my feeling over overwhelm has lessened significantly and my self esteem has risen exponentially. Since my success both physically and mentally has been so measurable using just a simple app I knew that I needed to share this secret with other momsContinue reading “How a to do list saved my sanity”

Is Brushing Your Kid’s Hair Making You Crazy? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It’s been the bane of my existence lately! I had to result to extreme measures. I had to break down and give inContinue reading “Is Brushing Your Kid’s Hair Making You Crazy?”

How to Spring Break Like a Pro

Spring Break is different with kids. When it comes to planning a spring break for kindergarten age kids and younger, your focus becomes more on what you can do with the kids during the week while you take advantage of being able to sleep in since there is no school for an entire week!