Encourage multiculturalism

Growing up in a military family I was always encouraged to try new foods and I’m continuing that tradition with my own children. While my kids are wildly adventurous about food there is a spark of light in their eyes when they try new things. Sushi happens to be a treat in our family andContinue reading “Encourage multiculturalism”

A secret ingredient that will change your stir fry cooking game

Drum roll please… Due to a lucky discovery, I have figured out the secret to making a Chinese inspired fried rice dish taste professionally cooked! Stir fried rice is a very easily manipulated recipe. It’s something you can throw together using rice and anything else you want to put into it. It can be aContinue reading “A secret ingredient that will change your stir fry cooking game”

Just yesterday it was March

Welcome to October! Can you believe we’ve made it this far into the year already? Seems like just yesterday it was March and schools were being closed for the COVID virus. that was almost 7 months ago! Coming up this month is a full list of blog posts ranging from cooking to allergies and aContinue reading “Just yesterday it was March”