(Read to Me) Halloween Books

In honor of it being Halloween. Here are a few videos to share with your little ones. There are commercials associated with these videos, but I don’t make any money off of these videos. BONUS: I hope you enjoy these books! There are so many options for you and your kids online when the libraryContinue reading “(Read to Me) Halloween Books”

Comedy & Dyslexia

While dyslexia can be a difficult and complex learning disability. We can always add a little comedy to our lives by watching this video: Things Not to Say To Someone With Dyslexia. Hidden in this funny video are some great takeaways. Definitely be aware that what you say to someone who has dyslexia definitely hasContinue reading “Comedy & Dyslexia”

Creativity and dyslexia from a young age

While this month probably will bring a lot of heavy information into your life, there are plenty of thriving individuals who struggle with dyslexia. Here is a great video that can give hope to anyone who is working with a struggling reader who might still be in school. Dyslexia and creativity seem to go handContinue reading “Creativity and dyslexia from a young age”

Recommended: Anxiety & Reading In the Classroom

More information on the pressure kids feel about struggling with reading. I’ve seen this first hand in the members of my family, but here is a speech about it. Dr. Amie Grills specializes in anxiety, trauma, and depression (particularly in children), as well as the development and evaluation of cognitive-behavioral assessments and interventions, including thoseContinue reading “Recommended: Anxiety & Reading In the Classroom”

Not all dyslexia cases are the same

Just like with any disability, physical, mental or learning, not all kids suffer from the same kinds of dyslexia. In my search for “different types of dyslexia” I found on google reports that stated anywhere from 3-11 different types of dyslexia. Even after a lot of research, I’m not sure myself how many there reallyContinue reading “Not all dyslexia cases are the same”

Turning on Narrator Mode On Your Computer

Getting help with struggling readers seems to be a common conversation topic on my local and national Dyslexia mom groups on facebook. I definitely want to share any resources I find. Having things read to them is one way to help a student learn. It may not solve a problem, but most children get someContinue reading “Turning on Narrator Mode On Your Computer”

Teaching Reading to Main Stream & Dyslexic readers needs to change

I, like many parents, trust the public school system to teach my kids all they need to know to make it to high school graduation, but the truth is that many parents don’t realize just how many students have difficulty learning the basic skills like reading! Why Aren’t Kids Being Taught To Read? is aContinue reading “Teaching Reading to Main Stream & Dyslexic readers needs to change”