Seven Reliable (Dyslexia) Technologies that make anyone’s life easier — Last year I wrote a few posts about technology you can use at home. Including some apps with read to me abilities. Turning on Narrator Mode On Your Computer Epic (App) — Read to me books app specifically for kids. I wrote a post about the epic app last year. Libby (App) —Continue reading “Seven Reliable (Dyslexia) Technologies that make anyone’s life easier”

Read To Me Book Collection

Trying to get a dyslexic child to read can be an uphill battle. One way I’ve learned to make it easier to get them to read is to have them watch Read To Me Books on Youtube. While I have a whole YouTube Library List of books, I thought I’d post some good ones forContinue reading “Read To Me Book Collection”

Being informed is half the battle

Last year I posted about how you can Request an Informational Display in your School or Library! I truly believe that by being informed is half the battle. Many libraries and schools are happy to provide space for a informational or bulletin board displays. Ask your school or library to display flyers, handouts, reading & audioContinue reading “Being informed is half the battle”

Dyslexia TikTok Posts

Did you know that there are whole schools just for dyslexic readers? Who knew?!? I found them last year this time and have loved the content that TikTok has brought into my life! To find out more check out this lady on TikTok! Here’s one of her posts as an example of the information sheContinue reading “Dyslexia TikTok Posts”

Dyslexia Screening

We got lucky in a way when we started to see issuing coming up with my son’s learning. We have a history of dyslexia that runs in our family so we knew what to test for. If you’re not as lucky as our family, finding a direction for a diagnosis is the first step. TryingContinue reading “Dyslexia Screening”

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

It’s that time of year again. Time for Dyslexia Awareness Month. October post will be filled with all kinds of dyslexia information! I hope by spreading awareness I can get at least 30 people help with their dyslexia. Go ahead and start by reading my blog post from last year about dyslexia awareness month! #dyslexiaawarenessmonth

Some reasons why you need to read MomMe blogs on the regular

This morning I ran across a post on Huff Post called The 5 Secret Reasons Why Your Friend Wants You To Read Her Blog. While they were a little bit on the fluffy side as to the reasons why you should be reading friend’s blogs, it did bring up a few good points. Often timesContinue reading “Some reasons why you need to read MomMe blogs on the regular”