We knew what we were looking for

A dyslexia story involving a kindergartener… Four things to remember…–It’s not your fault.–You’re not a bad parent–It has nothing to do with intelligence.–You are right to be concerned. Read her story of how she shared Dyslexia information with a fellow parent. The responses the parent she talks to give her are common ones. Our storyContinue reading “We knew what we were looking for”

We forget to interact with others

I’ve added a to do list to my morning routine to reach out to 10 mommies or mommy related pages on Instagram and comment on other blogs. So often we get so caught up in our own blogs we forget to interact with others. I thank people who have followed me with a DM andContinue reading “We forget to interact with others”

How he discovered his strengths and used them to spectacular effect

Seeing successful people out in the world who work with and around their dyslexia is important for little ones with dyslexia to see. The idea that you can and will be anything you want to be when you grow up is important! YouTube has so many great interviews but the Brian Grazer one shows basicallyContinue reading “How he discovered his strengths and used them to spectacular effect”

The only thing difficult about couponing is staying organized.

Quick How to Coupon Lesson: Make your grocery list. Search for a coupon for everything on your list on coupons.com or similar sites. Once you have all your coupons, check the weekly ads from the stores you already shop at and see which “deal” will be better. Most stores have them up on their websitesContinue reading “The only thing difficult about couponing is staying organized.”

Work around your learning challenges

I’ve already written about Technology and added some information about Epic but the site 1in5.learningally.org has some more great tech for helping people with Dylexia. Assistive Technology is any device or system that allows you to work around your learning challenges. You can use computers, tablets, software and apps to help do your schoolwork, gainContinue reading “Work around your learning challenges”

Moving towards things going back to normal

November and December are normally busy months of the year because of the holidays, but this year they might be even more chaotic. Its due in part to the fact that our state is coming off the more extreme status for COVID and moving towards things going back to normal as the end of theContinue reading “Moving towards things going back to normal”

Just yesterday it was March

Welcome to October! Can you believe we’ve made it this far into the year already? Seems like just yesterday it was March and schools were being closed for the COVID virus. that was almost 7 months ago! Coming up this month is a full list of blog posts ranging from cooking to allergies and aContinue reading “Just yesterday it was March”

Request an Informational Display in your School or Library!

Many libraries and schools are happy to provide space for a informational or bulletin board displays. Ask your school or library to display flyers, handouts, reading & audio material on dyslexia. Click below for more info! Libraries Display Dyslexia! | Decoding Dyslexia Oregon

Dyslexia Is Not a Bad Word

“Dyslexia means a specific learning disability that is neurobiological in origin.” Dyslexia Is Not a Bad Word, Advocates Say. Schools Should Use It I never realized just how complicated dyslexia was until my son showed signs of it. I’m lucky because I have the financial means of helping my son get private tutoring but thereContinue reading “Dyslexia Is Not a Bad Word”

Dyslexia Awareness Month

I’m not at all shy about telling people that my son is dyslexic. Reading comes naturally for me. I was an english major in college and write fiction on the side. How ironic is it that my son has trouble reading? He was diagnosed early in kindergarten and is thriving with the help of aContinue reading “Dyslexia Awareness Month”