Some People Excel At Google Calendar And Some Don’t – Which Back to School Mom Are You?

This week I finally realized that the rush of activity before the newest school year fits day is similar to the feelings many of us had leading up to picking out our New Years Resolutions in December 2020. Back to School is a time where all the disorganized or overwhelmed moms wish that they couldContinue reading “Some People Excel At Google Calendar And Some Don’t – Which Back to School Mom Are You?”


I recently became a part of a new friend group and the one thing they all have in common and yet all seem to clash over is their emotions. At the first meeting we had there were words exchanged and despite my own ability to be a hothead I found myself extremely calm about theContinue reading “Emotions”

Start your day right…

Google Calendar is my Bible right now since regular activities are coming back into existence as we come out of the COVID times. A great trick I recently discovered is that you can get a daily agenda sent to you in your email inbox. It’d be great to print out and post for the familyContinue reading “Start your day right…”

Poor unfortunate soul

Feeling a little down after weighing myself. I was on a high after January but February has been a mess as far as working out goes. After a blister sidelined me I have had no interest in working out like I had been. For instance as I’m working on this post right now which willContinue reading “Poor unfortunate soul”

Without this you’d still be in the hospital parking lot

While my own word of the year consistent has gotten me this far into the year successfully, I came across a word the other day while listening to one of my 365 Podcasts A Year that I didn’t think I emulated. However, I found myself realizing that this word is part of my unconscious everyContinue reading “Without this you’d still be in the hospital parking lot”

My MomMe AH-HAH moment!

Today I was researching a blog post for the end of the year and found the concept of life categories. Yes the term is familiar but the concept I learned was so simple I had a big ah-hah moment because I’d never thought about them the way that Dave Ramsey talks about them! What areContinue reading “My MomMe AH-HAH moment!”

at some point or another

Parenting is tough work. We all feel like we are failing at some point or another. At least though we can say ( or I hope we can say) we never did these things to our kids… The Worst (and Weirdest) Parenting Advice From Every Decade Since the 1900s From infant lard baths and boricContinue reading “at some point or another”

Allergies After Childbirth: What No One Is Talking About

I’ll admit that there were many things I didn’t know before having kids. The idea that I would suddenly become allergic to everyday items after giving birth was nowhere near the list of things that I’d be surprised by after bringing home my kids from the hospital. NO PREVIOUS HISTORY OF SERIES ALLERGIES Other thanContinue reading “Allergies After Childbirth: What No One Is Talking About”

Sparks further investigation on my part

3 reasons why you need to read MomMe blogs on the regular… 1️⃣ BLOGGING AND BLOG READING IS CATHARTIC.One of my favorite forms of stress relief is reading about other moms experiences. It makes me feel like I’m not going crazy when I read blog posts about relationships or mom fails or even successes. PottyContinue reading “Sparks further investigation on my part”

Either you’ll know to avoid the place or you’ll know how to handle the next situation.

New situations always give me anxiety. I would have hoped by now as a former army brat who moved multiple times and was always faced with new situations that I would have overcome this but it’s still a thing with me to deal with. Here are a few things I tell myself before I leaveContinue reading “Either you’ll know to avoid the place or you’ll know how to handle the next situation.”