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Life In Kindergarten

While I do believe teachers hold the magic tips and tricks to teaching your kindergartener, here are some things to think about when approaching your child’s kindergarten year.

Dyslexia awareness is vital for understanding and supporting individuals with this learning difference. It helps identify dyslexia early, dispels misconceptions, and promotes the use of assistive technologies. By advocating for dyslexia awareness, we create inclusive environments that accommodate diverse learning needs.

25 Books for Christmas

25 Books for Christmas, a delightful collection of “audio books” curated by 365momme.com. Captivating stories and festive tales, perfect to listen to during the holiday season.

21 Read To Me Books About Spring

Step into the enchanting world of spring with “21 Read To Me Books About Spring.” This carefully curated collection of books is a celebration of the season’s wonders, inviting families to embark on a literary adventure together. From the gentle rustle of petals to the lively tales of creatures awakening, each book is a gateway to the magic of springtime.