Money Matters — 52 Week Savings Plan

What if you could save over $1,000 this year quickly while holding onto your Netflix account and being able to still treat yourself at Starbucks? Moms love to save their money but as you know, we also want to have those “Me moments” where they can indulge ourselves a little without neglecting their family’s needs.Continue reading “Money Matters — 52 Week Savings Plan”

Life Skills – How to Reconcile a Checkbook

Money matters are something us moms are in charge of but after talking to my kids I realized just how many money skills aren’t taught in school. So here is my share for today in case you’ve forgotten how to reconcile your checkbook: When was the last time you reconciled your checkbook?

The only thing difficult about couponing is staying organized.

Quick How to Coupon Lesson: Make your grocery list. Search for a coupon for everything on your list on or similar sites. Once you have all your coupons, check the weekly ads from the stores you already shop at and see which “deal” will be better. Most stores have them up on their websitesContinue reading “The only thing difficult about couponing is staying organized.”

This is an app with a membership fee, but I believe it’s worth it.

Earlier this year I fell in love with Todoist. I wrote a blog post about how I used it for my daily cleaning routine around the house: How A To Do List Saved My Sanity. Right now my life is all about distance learning and I’m loving the EPIC app/ website. This is aContinue reading “This is an app with a membership fee, but I believe it’s worth it.”