Reading now — Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks

Tweeted this out today and Nicholas Sparks gave it some love!

Thoughts on Make Over your Morning Routines

Today while I was working on my morning writing I took a moment to listen to a podcast from 3 in 30 Podcast. It was titled “Make Over your Morning Routines” and talked about the little things that can get you started on having a good day. The surprising thing they suggested is starting theContinue reading “Thoughts on Make Over your Morning Routines”

Opening Day

Little League Baseball is not as closely related to softball as one might think. While both are played with bats and balls, the comparison stops there. While I know there will be more discoveries in the coming weeks, this 4 season veteran softball mom is already finding big differences in the sports lets start withContinue reading “Opening Day”

Life Changing Cleaning Tips For Every MomMe

It’s the biggest not-so-secret things about me: I hate to clean. It’s not even the cleaning itself. I can clean a toilet with the best of them. It’s more the fact that as a wife you are suddenly in charge of an entire household. Whether it’s just you and your spouse or you your spouseContinue reading “Life Changing Cleaning Tips For Every MomMe”

5 things they don’t tell you about being a softball mom

Last spring my daughter dropped out of the karate dojo into the world of softball. At seven years old our recreational league was a great beginning. We were middle of the pack with a great first year coach who helped our team really love the game of softball. As much as I thought I knewContinue reading “5 things they don’t tell you about being a softball mom”