MomMe Productivity Tips

The main two components to staying on top of things are managing: To do list Calendar(s) To Do List The main thing that a to do list can help you with is focus. To learn more about to do list read the following… Calendar(s) Digital calendars have revolutionized the productivity scene. Moms everywhere are takingContinue reading “MomMe Productivity Tips”

Netflix picks that your kids will love

What would you say if I told you that there are thousands of hours of entertaining and sometimes educational television and movies on Netflix right now that your kids will love? To research this project I chose to forgo asking my kids what they were watching and went straight to the source: their Netflix profiles!Continue reading “Netflix picks that your kids will love”

Don’t quit your day just just yet…

I’ve been blogging for months now on this newest of new blogs, but haven’t quit my day job just yet. I feel like I’m just getting in the groove of things and the distance learning my kids have been dealing with had miraculously become my saving grace. This time last year I was in theContinue reading “Don’t quit your day just just yet…”

Spilling the Tea on All Things Motherhood

It’s not surprising that a mommy blogger would pay attention to moms on the mommy facebook groups. I recently did a post of common sense things moms should know in 2021 and I got a great reception from readers. Lately I keep seeing the same questions coming up so I thought I’d throw a fewContinue reading “Spilling the Tea on All Things Motherhood”

Dollar Store For The Win!

Last week I took my daughter to the dollar tree dollar store here in town in the pouring rain to get art supplies. It’s not so fun these days to shop with mask restrictions but I think I need to get out more often! On our way out we got her some shampoo and IContinue reading “Dollar Store For The Win!”

My Education Goals for 2021

In keeping with my consistent theme of the year I’m listening to 365 podcasts this year. My go to podcast is Quote of The Day by Sean Crichton In late 2020 I started searching for new podcasts to check out. I came up with a list of highly recommended podcasts to listen to. Ted TalksContinue reading “My Education Goals for 2021”

Money Matters — 52 Week Savings Plan

What if you could save over $1,000 this year quickly while holding onto your Netflix account and being able to still treat yourself at Starbucks? Moms love to save their money but as you know, we also want to have those “Me moments” where they can indulge ourselves a little without neglecting their family’s needs.Continue reading “Money Matters — 52 Week Savings Plan”