Free ebooks and audiobooks!

In these crazy times moms around the globe are looking for cost effective ways to entertain their kids and themselves. I HIGHLY recommend the Libby App! Did you know that with this app and your local library card you can get free ebooks and audiobooks? Yes! It’s true! Last time I checked in I hadContinue reading “Free ebooks and audiobooks!”

Birthday wishes for your social media accounts

I never know what to say on social media when my friends birthdays come up. Some of them of course I have messages for but so many of my friends are “Facebook friends” so I know them but don’t know them. I want each and every one of them to feel special on their dayContinue reading “Birthday wishes for your social media accounts”

Top 3 things that make for a great mommy blog (in my opinion)

Trying to figure out how to navigate the blogging world and being a mommy blogger can be a bit tricky at first. There are so many pages of advice on how to be a better blogger or specifically a mommy blogger. It’s not a secret that I’m still trying to figure out my blog’s niche.Continue reading “Top 3 things that make for a great mommy blog (in my opinion)”

When I grow up..

I had a conversation with my mom last week about college tuition and how I didn’t agree with it even if my college education isn’t really being used that much as a fledgling blogger and stay at home mom. My first plan for a career was to be a teacher and an athletic trainer andContinue reading “When I grow up..”

Reading Journal — SkechpadsByPatty

This year I’m vowing to read 36 books. It sounds like a lot but really its about 3 a month. If I can listen to an audiobook in about 7-10 hours I think I have enough space in my life to listen to that many. In my quest I wanted to organize those books inContinue reading “Reading Journal — SkechpadsByPatty”

Got instagram?

I’m curious. Why do you have an Instagram account? Is it for business? Is it for pleasure? I have a personal Facebook account so my parents out of state can keep eyes on my kids as they grow up. I have gone back and forth with an Instagram account that was for personal then businessContinue reading “Got instagram?”

21 Common Sense Things Moms Should Know in 2021

I love my Facebook Mommy Groups, but there are an unending list of common sense things that are asked about in them. In the spirit of Pinterest, the repetitiveness inspired me to make this quick list to consolidate months of reading for you into one nice neat package. Here, to start off 2021 with aContinue reading “21 Common Sense Things Moms Should Know in 2021”

A secret ingredient that will change your stir fry cooking game

Drum roll please… Due to a lucky discovery, I have figured out the secret to making a Chinese inspired fried rice dish taste professionally cooked! Stir fried rice is a very easily manipulated recipe. It’s something you can throw together using rice and anything else you want to put into it. It can be aContinue reading “A secret ingredient that will change your stir fry cooking game”