About This MomMe

I’m Patty Gordon, the voice behind 365momme.

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I blogged a few years ago under different names but have landed with the 365MomMe name this time around.

The term 365MomMe comes from the idea that I’m a mom and I’m me 365 days a year. Kids call me Mommy but I see myself as MomMe. I guess I could have squished wife in there too but 365MomMe has a better ring to it than 365WifeMomMe. 

Some suggested that I write a hero story in this all about me page but I’m no hero. I get up in the morning and do what I’m supposed to do to take care of my family. I have success and I have failure. My aim is that what I share online will help someone out there be a better mom or at least realize that we are all struggling with this job title and no one is completely perfect at it. 

Out of all the difficulties and challenges in becoming a wife and mother, one thing is universally true: you’re never done.


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