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It’s funny how when you get married most wedding vows have something about for better or for worse. It strikes me as extremely important at this time of my life, but I realize that there is no vow like that done to the other people in your family as your family grows.

Actually I know friends who have said this to me and me to them, but somehow I never promised either of my kids for better or for worse.

For most of the population this isn’t something you have to wonder about, but for some I’m sure it is. I guess my kids have always have assumed that I would be there for better or for worse… but for some people, assuming can make and ass out of u and me.

Just thought I’d point this out as the thought of the day… Make the vow to your friends and your family that for better or for worse you’re in things together until the end. And don’t just say it. Do it. Show up for them. Be there for them. Even when you think you’re bugging them. Reach out and let them know that you’re there for them.







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