My BMI is 36.3

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Reset all my settings on MyFitnessPal today. I really need to get to working out. Currently, my BMI is 36.3. That puts me in the obese category. It sounds so much more horrible than I feel like I look. Obese people don’t look like me. They look like the people on the show my 600 lbs life, right?

All of this came about because my daughter had her 11-year-old check-up yesterday as well as a dentist appointment. Putting a focus on that type of stuff really made it clear that we are living a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Step 1 for me on this road back to health is going to be to track my food. It’s 10am right now and I’m already 850 calories down for the day and I haven’t really eaten anything!!!

When I finish this post I’m going to get some groceries. Clearly the days of crazy carbo heavy foods is over. I need to be stuffing myself with things like salad instead of Mcdonald’s!

If you’re on MyFitnessPal feel free to add me to your friendlist. I’m listed as mommeallyear.






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