2022 Reading Challenge

Read 52 books in 52 weeks.

Starting the challenge using the prompts below to read a book a week this year! When I say read I mean listening to audiobooks. It’s the only way I can do it these days.

Book 1 of 52

Started 1/5/2022.
Finished 1/10/2022.

7. Best selling nonfiction book.

This book has a lot of swearing in it but the ideas Mark Manson shares are great. Most of it is common sense stuff we already should know

Book 2 of 52

Started 1/12/2022.
Finished 1/16/2022.

14. Character with super human powers.

Definitely a mature read. Rated at least R if you plan on listening to the audiobook around your kids… I love a good romance and this one adds mystery and magic too.

Book 3 of 52

Started 1/16/2022.
Finished 1/20/2022.

37. Set in a rural area.

Started this because I like Yellowstone and 1883. Good mixture of cowboy adventure and romance. First in the series of books and crammed with information. Hoping the next in the series is less history of the world and more story.

Book 4 of 52

Started 1/20/22. Finished 1/22/2022.

21. Published by Simon & Schuster

Great WWII era piece. Some twists and turns made this one out to be an interesting one even though the romance was a bit predictable.

Book 5 of 52

Started 1/22/2022.

47. A book with illustrated people on the cover.

What are you reading?

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