Dyslexia Screening

We got lucky in a way when we started to see issuing coming up with my son’s learning. We have a history of dyslexia that runs in our family so we knew what to test for. If you’re not as lucky as our family, finding a direction for a diagnosis is the first step.

Photo by Samuel Theo Manat Silitonga on Pexels.com

Trying to figure out if your child has dyslexic can be a process, but starting early is the best way to help your child. If you suspect your child might be dyslexic, I would definitively recommend starting with a free screener. If your child’s learning progress returns a dyslexic reading from this screener, definitely search for a professional who can confirm this pattern of learning.

To start the screener click over to this page:

Dyslexia Test – Online from Lexercise

Hopefully this screener can help you get to the next step!








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