Catcher Mom

I haven’t been a huge fan of baseball or softball my whole life like some of the other moms I know but recently I’ve become obsessed with it.

You see, my kids are both catchers. They’ve gravitated towards it organically and as my son follows big sister’s footsteps I find myself infinitely proud of them for taking on such a huge role in the games that they play.

Two or three weeks ago my daughter started to play for a new team. She got thrown from a scrimmage one week into a full blown tournament with higher level players in it.

My daughter is resilient and didn’t let the game get her down. She clicked into catcher mode and calmed down a pitcher who had lost her “mojo” for a moment.

I was sitting in the outfield and couldn’t have known what she said to her, but the girl looked at her pitcher and clearly was telling her to take a deep breath and calm down.

Considering how flustered I’ve seen her get in these months of COVID lockdown, I couldn’t be prouder of that girl for getting out there and knowing what to do to change the course of the game. It wasn’t a win that game, but the fact that the two girls got through it together was amazing.

I know in the coming weeks my son will be stepping into that roll too. He’s loving catching so far and I swear he’s got better hand eye coordination at this age than my daughter did. He still struggles with the ones off the bounce, but he doesn’t let it phase him as he learns more and more each game.







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