I’ve learned recently it’s not about what you say. It’s about what they hear.

The other day at breakfast my husband told my daughter not to stuff her face at breakfast out at a local diner. What my daughter heard was you’re fat.

Now. The circumstance was that we were about to pay the bill and leave so hubby was giving her the sign to finish up. She rushed wanting to eat her last piece of toast before we got up from the table. He told her not to stuff her face instead of telling her not to rush and so ensued the misunderstanding.

There was a small blow up on the way home and my daughters not so fragile ego was bruised.

Clearly I had to remind both of them clearly that it’s not what the person says but what you hear and you can’t overthink a comment that someone makes.

The whole picture needs to be seen. Not just the dots!







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    Agreed 👍

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