COVID crazies

When the school district this year made me choose my job or my kids as our COVID adventure stretched out past the year mark, I found myself trying to remember what I thought motherhood would be like when I was a little kid. It definitely wasn’t made up of half day of school for more than the kindergarten year. I thought when my youngest got into all day school that I’d start back to work and I’d move into a more of a part time stay at home mom instead of a permanent stay at home mom.

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This week is a testament to the new schedule. Today the kids got up and got off to school on their own, walking the two blocks to campus to get their day started. I started a load of laundry and did a whole wash cycle before I got myself breakfast and made my plan for the day. Oh wait, I forgot, I had to pick up dog poop twice this morning. With that task done I realized that that my daughter took the covers off a huge stack of paperback books and tacked them to the wall in her room as decoration, ruining probably $40 worth of books. This wouldn’t have been so bad, but yesterday we realized that she took a roll of toilet paper and drizzled soap all over one end of it, basically ruining a roll of toilet paper.

My son is no angel in this world right now. Last week he made a super cross track in the middle of our street side walkway and threw the mud onto the sidewalk so bad my husband had to go out and use a shovel and a broom to clean it.

At the moment this is not what my typical day in the life would be.

My only next step is to wonder if this is COVID crazies or if this is just typical behavior?







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