365 Podcasts A Year — Motivation Week

Sharing podcasts that might interest the readers of this blog brings me joy!

This week is motivation week. I know that this time of year with the unpredictable weather and the stress of passing the 1 year COVID mark has gotten us all down a bit. Keep your chin up and listen to some great podcasts this week:

• 073 — just get it done — powerful motivational speech jocks willink

• 074 — tips to get your motivational back

• 075 — no motivation heres how to create your own

• 076 — how to increase energy and motivation

• 077 — think bigger to motivate yourself by Tynan on finding motivational opportunities

• 078 — motivation is a skill

• 079 — keep your motivation your whole life long

Let me know if you found anything great in the words of these podcasters.







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