A complicated case of circumstances

My daughter went to a birthday party recent and told me she didn’t feel like she belonged there. It was a new friends party she went to and it was small due to Covid so most people there were family or had known this girl for years.

Feeling out of place is a common occurrence when three elementary school girls get together. They have a hard time balancing their attention to their friends. It’s hard too when playing partner games if there aren’t four girls.

A day or so later I asked her about it again and assured her that every once in a while almost everyone gets the feeling of not fitting in.

To my surprise my daughter was very confident in her quirky personality and said she fit in best with her softball team. She also revealed that a girl she hangs out with in three neighborhood makes her feel the most out of place but she hangs out with her because they have softball in common.

Such a complicated case of circumstances for my little one.

I can’t wait for next year to get back into in person school. I know the class size will be small but I hope the new faces and experiences will help her fit in more and more as her school days go by.







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