Poor unfortunate soul

Feeling a little down after weighing myself. I was on a high after January but February has been a mess as far as working out goes.

After a blister sidelined me I have had no interest in working out like I had been. For instance as I’m working on this post right now which will go live first thing tomorrow morning I’m sitting in my truck instead of walking the 2.5 miles that I have done in the past. I got good enough sleep last night but I’m just feeling blah!

Nutrition is becoming more and more a worry for me. I’m eating everything under the sun and dying! It’s horrible but I can’t really stop! Cold Turkey I guess is the only way to go.

Gotta get back on the horse though. I need to get back to running. Flat out it’s the most effective way to get myself in shape. I should have 3 days a week to get it done now. I just need to do it!

What are you working on that seems impossible right now! Share it and I’ll be sure to cheer you on!







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