Pour yourself a cuppa tea

Pour yourself a cuppa tea and let’s chat about the big fat elephant who stomps through the room of our minds whenever we get a little tickle in our throat or a little cough. Top, it happens to almost all of us. The fear of being COVID positive the moment we feel a little off in the morning is the common go to reaction.

The worry monsters, so many little ugly voices, that rear up in your head. They circle and chant. about where you’ve been, the moment you might not have washed your hands when you came back from the grocery store and all the people you’ve come into contact with in the last few days will make you go temporarily crazy!

Yep! You’re not alone!

We all want to be careful and most of us are doing our best to follow all the COVID rules, but sometimes things slip through the cracks and we expose ourselves to the virus without thinking too much about it.

It’s in these panic filled moments that I remember that there are still things going on in the world and in my body that have nothing to do with COVID. I sometimes forget to look out the window and realize that it’s February and the almond trees have just bloomed.

I have allergy induced asthma which presents itself as a sore throat and post nasal drip which could be mistaken for COVID symptoms. While I would never ignore these symptoms totally, the first step for me is to get back on the combo of allergy medicine and asthma pill I’ve been prescribed. The combo usually takes away the symptoms that pop up.

If they don’t go away in about 45 minutes or so the next step is to think about getting tested. I’ve only been tested once in this whole pandemic and came up negative, but the family has been exposed a few time4s without anything happening.

Please remember to take COVID seriously, but also don’t lost your mind with worry.

What’s one thing you find yourself over reacting to then realizing it’s silly to act the way that you did?







3 responses to “Pour yourself a cuppa tea”

  1. Tino Avatar

    I have had countless scares! You can never be too careful. Even when I haven’t left the house I still panic.

    1. Patty Gordon Avatar

      There’s no doubt that this is causing us so much damage. Stress like this for so long is going to have long term effects. ❤️❤️❤️. Hope you continue to avoid it!

      1. Tino Avatar

        True. So many triggers. The fear is constant. We are slowly becoming obsessive about cleaning and it’s encouraged!

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