Single task vs. multi-task

It wasn’t until I spent hours on setting up my google calendar and todo list that my husband asked me “what’s the return on investment?” or “what’s the result?”

I can confidently say that setting up a system gave me results but you know more than those intangible things I can feel, it gave me purpose and structure I haven’t felt since I was in the workforce.

A roadmap for my day seems like an insignificant thing but when I’m the boss and the employee I’ve got to make the schedule and follow it.

It was just the shift I needed. If you’d like to experience peace and control in your household you should start your own calendar and to do list today!

Start simple! February 22nd is single tasking day!

For one day put multi-tasking aside. Single Tasking Day is allabout taking a break from multi-tasking, and focusing on getting one task done that day, to the best of our ability.







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  1. Danielle Falcon Avatar

    Single tasking is so important but can be so hard to do! Distractions are everywhere and prioritization only gets more and more important as your family and/or commitments grow. Thanks for the post!

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