This Intellectual Thinker’s take on success

This year I decided early my one word to guide my year. Consistent is working out well for me.

Last year I read about Enneagrams which helped me figure out my personality type and how I could better understand the why and how I like to do things.

In my post The conversation that would pass between the three of them would keep me entertained for hours I thought about people I’d want to have lunch with that would be interesting and informative.

And last I thought about what winning mindset looks like.

After all this research and reading and writing I still find myself waking up on this Wednesday morning wondering what to do with myself. I have a to do list set up and my calendar is turning into my playbook for life, but I still feel like I’m not finding much success in handling all that life throws at me.

So the question comes to mind… How do we as moms define what success is for ourselves?



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  1. My Rollercoaster Journey Avatar

    Doing something for yourself but without neglecting your responsibilities as a mother

  2. My Rollercoaster Journey Avatar

    What enneagram are you btw? I’m at 4.

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