More sometimes isn’t more

A few weeks ago I had a mini meltdown due to the kids and my husband being super noisy in our living room. It wasn’t just the normal every day annoyance though and after a quick check in with one of my moms groups on Facebook found that this mini meltdown was a common thing for moms to experience.

We’ve all heard of sensory overload. You can feel it after a day out in the city when you’re a suburbs resident. Or maybe after a day at Disney you feel wiped out from all the colors and activity from the crowds and attractions you normally don’t experience at home.

5 Ways to Cure Stimulation Overload as a Parent suggests the following ways to combat this feeling…

  • Accept Your Temperament I’m definitely not one to get caught up in the social scene. If I need a break there is no shame in my game. I excuse myself and go to a quiet spot to hang out.
  • Prioritize Downtime My husband and I disagree on downtime. Especially since I’m home now with the kids 24/7 it’s become even more important to take time away from them.
  • Simplify Your Schedule I can’t really simplify things but I do make sure to put everything on a schedule so I know when I will have a chance to return.
  • Streamline Decision-Making planning ahead with meal planning and grocery lists and an up to date calendar is necessary in this day and age to keep your sanity.
  • Step Back from the Chaos Always know that you can step back and say no to things. Actually saying no is the one thing in your life you have control of and you should do it more often!!

Have you felt overwhelmed lately? How have you dealt with it?



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2 responses to “More sometimes isn’t more”

  1. Shelly DS Avatar

    Yesterday was one of the worst days I’ve had in a while.. it had nothing to do with anything specific though. I just felt like laying in bed all day and that’s what I did.

    1. Patty Gordon Avatar

      Doing nothing sometimes is just what you need! Winter is hard for me too. I tend to hibernate if I have nothing planned for the day.

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