Give me a few minutes and I’ll give you three quotes to shift your thinking to something more positive

Trying to keep yourself in a positive mood can be kind of hard these days. With the upheaval of the election and the endless days of COVID news, it’s understandable that you’d feel a little blue.

Never under estimate the power of happiness.

The following are quotes I’ve come across that have shifted my mood. I hope they can help you too!

I posted about the Law of Attraction the other day and this is a perfect example of someone who believes in that type of thinking.
With this kind of positive thinking it’s no wonder that Nelson Mandela made it through his incarceration.
With a son who has dyslexia I’m sure this quote will come in handy during his school career. It’s so true though. They were invented for a reason, right?

What’s your favorite quote that can change your mood from dark to light? Post it! I’d love to add it to my collection!


Published by Patty Gordon

I’m Patty Gordon, a 40+ year old school lunch lady married to a crane mechanic. Our days are anything but normal as he works “construction worker hours” and I take care of our two elementary school aged kids, Chihuahua Mr Biggs, Pitbull Cali, and French Bulldog MooMoo. I blogged a few years ago under different names but have landed with the name this time around. The term 365MomMe comes from the idea that I’m a mom and I’m me 365 days a year. Kids call me Mommy but I see myself as MomMe.

3 thoughts on “Give me a few minutes and I’ll give you three quotes to shift your thinking to something more positive

  1. Can it be lyrics? The lyrics to shakiras song from the movie zootopia. I don’t remember the name of the song but i remember “birds don’t just fly, they fall down then get up” and “i won’t give up, no i won’t give in, till i reach the end and then I’ll try again”

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    1. Song lyrics ALWAYS are a good choice. That song from the 80s Don’t Worry Be Happy cannot be sung without raising your mood!

      I love Zootopia. My kids were watching it the other day so when I read the words you wrote I heard Shakira singing it in my head!


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