Two truths and a lie

It’s still the first month of the year and we have another few days to get to know each other.

As a stay at home mom/part time lunch lady I miss some of thesilly games my old work places used to make us play. So here goes… Two truths and a lie:

  • I studied cooking at a culinary institute.
  • I once chased a tour bus of one of my favorite artists through two states. (Being from California I didn’t realize that 7 hours of driving would take me through two states when I started off!
  • During the pandemic shelter in place I learned how to solve a rubrics cube by watching YouTube.

What’s the best or worst ice-breaker activity you’ve ever played?

Comment with your favorite ice breaker in the comments or challenge me with your two truths and a lie and I’ll take my best guess to see if I can tell them apart.






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  1. My Rollercoaster Journey Avatar

    My favorite ice breaker is this or that. And I think your lie is chasing the tour bus?

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