Start the new year off right with a Personality Test

Revisiting a blog post from last year that was really informative…

Fiction writing is a passion of mine and earlier this year I was exploring both Personality Types and Enneagrams on the advice of a writer named Abbie Emmons. On her YouTube channel she has an extremely informative series of videos on fiction writing. The character building portion of this list had a plan of action to use these personality assessments to build characters for fiction stories that make a big impact. At the time I thought this was just research for a romance novel I was planning, but found when I took the test as myself and not as my leading character, it was spot on in its description of who I am and how I react to the world around me.

What is an enneagram?

An enneagram is a chart of nine personality types.  Each personality type is given a number and a name.  Determining which type you fall into can help you understand why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based upon your core values and desires.

For the moment the list below won’t make much sense to you, but here are the nine personality types in the Enneagram:

  1. The Moral Perfectionist
  2. The Supportive Advisor
  3. The Successful Achiever
  4. The Romantic Individualist
  5. The Intellectual Thinker
  6. The Loyal Guardian
  7. The Entertaining Optimist
  8. The Protective Challenger
  9. The Peaceful Mediator

After taking an enneagram test I turned out to be a number 5… The Intellectual Thinker.

Read more about enneagrams and find out what number you are and how this might effect your MomMe life by reading this blog post from last year…






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  1. PoojaG Avatar

    I love tests like these- I will definitely try Enneagram one!

    1. Patty Gordon Avatar

      It was super eye opening! I hope it brings you some new things to think about o let me know your number and we can compare notes!

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