Down with Family History

Recently I was given a family history book that my mother’s mom, Jeanne took the time to fill in by hand.

It’s in very tiny cursive but I can just make out most of the writing…

In this preprinted journal is a page where you record the vehicles you owned. When I think about it, this sounds like probably a very silly thing to record, but it does tell a lot about a person by what they drive… I believe every car they ever owned is in this notebook! The last entry was a Honda Accord I remember them having when they passed away.

The first entry was a dark green Marquette car that they bought between 1939-1942. I think it was a 1939 model that they bought used.

She describes it as having nice fancy plush seats with lots of room but that it had no trunk.

They drove it from Spokane, WA to Nevada City, CA (when my grandfather got a new job in California). It also notes that my grandmother learned to drive in this car. She wrote that they broke a spring while moving in 1940 and that parts for it were very hard to get. I assume it looks like the picture attached…

My grandparents first car was similar to this Marquette car.

Lovely little piece of history for me to uncover. Totally makes me wish I’d done more journaling in the past to tell my kids about my life. But I’m over here not being able to remember what I ate for dinner last night half the time!






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  1. Azilde Elizabeth Avatar

    So cool! I’d love to hear more about your grandmothers cars. Very interesting!

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