Quote of the Day Podcast

Sean Cruxton’s Quote of the Day podcast delivers wise words from a long list of knowledgeable people. He plays clips of motivational speeches that really start your day off with a bang. I’ve listened to him off and on for a few years now but probably should be more consistent. This morning I got onContinue reading “Quote of the Day Podcast”

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Having the kids home from school this year has made most days so similiar to others. To set this Thanksgiving Day apart from the others here are a few activities to have the kids do to pass the time. Start them off learning about Gratitude Color a picture or two or three Worksheets for kidsContinue reading “Thanksgiving Activities for Kids”

The Election Through the Eyes of an Elementary School Kid

The upcoming presidential election is a big deal here in the United States. All of the kids are studying it in different ways. I don’t remember when I learned about elections, but I do remember seeing either the President or VP making the graduation speech at West Point when my dad taught there. It wasContinue reading “The Election Through the Eyes of an Elementary School Kid”