Dyslexia Information for Pediatricians

Strangely our pediatrician said that our insurance company didn’t really recognize dyslexia as being an issue for their clients. I mentioned it to her when we were doing an eye exam with my son because I wanted her to know that maybe he didn’t know the letter in the first place, not that he couldn’t see it.

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I’m hoping that this was just a quick misunderstanding on her part…but if you run into a pediatrician that wants more information please share the following…

Pediatricians are among the first people that evaluate children. Health professionals need to be aware of the earliest warning signs of dyslexia. Decoding Dyslexia National put together a Healthcare Screening Packet for pediatricians and other health professionals.

Please feel free to share this information because early identification is the key to educational and emotional success for children with dyslexia.









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