Computers that are good for internet surfing

I’m borrowing my son’s computer to work on today.

My parents bought the kids new computers for distance learning this year when I found out the school wouldn’t have them available until October.

We had two older Chromebook style computers that are good for internet surfing but we needed to beef up their processing speeds all the stuff that goes on with Microsoft Teams.

Now, in between classes I jump on and post on my blog and fiddle around on the internet.

What type of computer are you guys using?

I may need to upgrade my own computer in the future and have been away from tech for awhile. I don’t even know what’s out there anymore.







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  1. Allegra Caro Avatar

    I am glad to see you got a new computer and a tool to keep up with your blogging passion.
    As for me, I trust my life to my reliable Lenovo: might not be as fancy as other models out there, but it is fast and efficient enough to work remotely and blogging. 🙂

    Have a lovely Saturday!

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