Having my kids home has taken the shine off being a mom

A good mommy blogger should easily be ale to gush about the things that I love being a mom. COVID and almost 6 months of having my kids home has taken the shine off being a mom.
After a minute of thinking this is what I came up with:
1️⃣ Sleeping. (My kids didn’t let me sleep for the first 5 years. I still am waiting for the teenage years where they will sleep until noon.)
2️⃣ Things that are mine. (Nothing belongs to me. Daily things that I think belong to me end up twisted and broken in my kids hands. Soon they will move out with their own things and I’ll miss out on missing my things.)
3️⃣ Peeing alone. (Mom hack: if you want to talk to your kid go into the bathroom. They will come find you. I’m sure one day It’ll be nostalgic for a little toilet chitchat.)
Writing this makes me realize that these little twisted things are my things.



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